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Less Than Truckload

When You Need To Move Pallets, Not Truckloads

There are several shipping classifications in the freight industry. The three most common are:

  1. Parcel – This classification and method of delivery is typically limited to the delivery of small packages and parcels to businesses or individuals. Companies like UPS, Fedex, and even the U.S. Postal service are most commonly recognized for parcel delivery.
  2. LTL – This classification stands for “Less Than Truckload,” and simply means that the goods being transported won’t occupy the space of an entire semi trailer.
  3. FTL – The FTL classification stands for “Full Truckload.” When there are enough products to fill an entire truck, the shipment will be loaded and delivered by that single truck from its origination to its destination.

LTL, or Less Than Truckload is a very common way to ship goods throughout the United States. LTL shipping is a much more economical way to ship products than FTL (Full Truckload Shipping). Typically, products are placed on pallets, shrink-wrapped, and then moved into trucks. Then, using centralized hubs (locations in cities across the U.S.), these palletized products are moved from one truck to another until they ultimately reach their destination.

Moving products via LTL shipments may have a slightly longer delivery time, but will cost much less than shipping those same products FTL. In some cases, shipping parcel may prove less expensive than both FTL and LTL, but will require that what would have been wrapped on the pallet be broken down into several smaller shipments. While sometimes good on paper, breaking an LTL shipment down and having it delivered via parcel usually ends up becoming more of an administrative headache for Traffic and Warehouse managers alike.

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