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When You Have Enough to Fill the Whole Truck

There are several shipping classifications in the freight industry. The three most common are:

  • Parcel – This classification and method of delivery is typically limited to the delivery of small packages and parcels to businesses or individuals. Companies like UPS, Fedex, and even the U.S. Postal service are most commonly recognized for parcel delivery.
  • LTL – This classification stands for “Less Than Truckload,” and simply means that the goods being transported won’t occupy the space of an entire semi trailer.
  • FTL – The FTL classification stands for “Full Truckload.” When there are enough products to fill an entire truck, the shipment will be loaded and delivered by that single truck from its origination to its destination.

Unlike LTL shipping, FTL shipping moves your products from point A to point B via a direct route on one single truck.

Because shipments are point-to-point deliveries, an FTL shipment will often be a specific kind of freight. FTL shipments may contain dry goods, foods, chemicals, or perishable items. Depending on the type of freight being transported in the FTL shipment, specific paperwork, insurance, and equipment may be needed. That’s why you’ll often see different carriers specializing in certain industries. Working with a 3PL company like Amware ensures your FTL products are being shipped with the right carriers equipped to properly transport your specific freight type.

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