Web-Based Transportation Management System
Fueled by Exceptional Value-Added Services

Our proprietary TMS that optimizes freight logistics, providing businesses with a comprehensive platform to efficiently manage shipments, access competitive rates, and gain real-time visibility.

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Enhanced Visibility & Control
Access To Competitive Rates
Data Driven Insights

Why AmRate?

Attempting to manage your freight over multiple platforms can be a time-consuming task that leaves you with incomplete data. At Amware, we recognize the critical need for centralizing your shipments and ensuring you have easily accessible, comprehensive data at your fingertips. Our TMS, AmRate, offers a solution that not only saves you valuable time and money, but empowers you with robust insights, user-friendly features, and a dedicated team that goes the extra mile to provide you with unparalleled support and a range of value added services. With AmRate you’re not just getting a software solution, you’re gaining a trusted partner committed to your success.

Stop Struggling With...

Limited Carrier Options

Manual Billing & Payment Process

Inadequate Data Insights

Limited Visibility & Control

Time-Consuming Manual Quoting Process

Data Entry Errors

Streamline Your Shipping Process

Elevate your shipping experience with our streamlined process. From order initiation to final delivery, AmRate's comprehensive approach guarantees efficiency, accuracy, and peace of mind throughout the entire shipping journey.

Live Operational Support &Value Added Services

Dedicated Dispatcher

As an invaluable part of any transportation business, our dedicated dispatchers act as an extension of your team to assist in managing your shipments, streamlining your routes, and tracking & tracing shipments.

Carrier Management

Carrier management within AmRate involves the continuous monitoring and real-time communication with carriers throughout the entire shipping process. Our system ensures that you stay updated with every crucial detail of your shipment as it progresses.

Consolidated Billing

Trust Amware to streamline your logistics payments. We'll handle all your carrier payments and provide you with one comprehensive, consolidated bill that covers all your shipments, simplifying your logistics management and reducing your administrative burden.

Freight Bill Pay & Audit

Keep your billing consistent and reliable with AmRate's daily freight bill audits. Our team will verify every charge to ensure its accuracy, so you can trust that your bills are correct and avoid any unexpected discrepancies. We'll also notify you of any adjustments along the way.

Claim Resolution

Get the support you need to resolve your claims with AmRate's customer service team. Our experts are here to help you every step of the way, and our services are free of charge.

Supplemental Insurance

Accidents happen, but with AmRate's supplemental insurance, you can be prepared. Protect your freight and your investment with our easy-to-add insurance option.

Explore Our Key Features

Expedite & Guarantee
Our Expedite and Guarantee options are designed to address your time-critical shipping needs. Whether it's a high-priority shipment or a crucial deadline, our dedicated team and extensive carrier network are here to ensure your goods reach their destination promptly.
LTL & Parcel Rate Optimizer
This cutting-edge tool empowers you to effortlessly find the most cost-effective shipping rates for your Less Than Truckload (LTL) and parcel shipments. By analyzing a wide network of carriers and rates, our optimizer ensures you secure the best deal without compromising on service quality.
Tracking & Tracing
Our tracking feature offers you instant visibility into the status of your shipments. With live updates on the location and movement of your goods, you'll always know where your freight is. This level of transparency empowers you to make informed decisions and proactively manage any potential delays, heightening the control you have over your freight.
Seamless Booking
After securing a competitive rate, you can book your shipment right from the platform. This is where you can add insurance or expedite the shipment. Once you confirm the load, documents will be automatically generated and sent to the desired location.
Automated Documents
With our Automated Documents feature, generating and managing essential shipping documents becomes a breeze. From bills of lading to shipping labels, our system seamlessly generates accurate documents for each shipment
Truckload Rate Requests
Activate our Truckload Feature at your request. Once you input your shipment details, our dedicated Freight Brokerage team swings into action, tapping into our extensive carrier network to deliver competitive and precise quotes directly to your email inbox.
Custom Dashboard
With AmRate's custom dashboard, take control of your view by selecting specific dates, carriers, origins, and destinations to access a comprehensive data snapshot.
Heat Map
Explore the power of visual insights with AmRate's Heat Map feature. Instantly grasp the geographical distribution of your shipments, empowering you to make data-driven decisions for enhanced logistics efficiency.
Load Board
Your all-in-one solution for centralizing, organizing, and harnessing the power of your shipment data. It's designed to save you time, enhance your understanding of your logistics operations, and ultimately contribute to your business's success.
Our comprehensive Reporting and Analytics feature empowers you with data-driven insights to optimize your logistics strategy. Visualize critical information through interactive dashboards, helping you identify opportunities for improvement and cost savings.
Address Book
This cutting-edge tool empowers you to effortlessly find the most cost-effective shipping rates for your Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipments. By analyzing a wide network of carriers and rates, our optimizer ensures you secure the best deal without compromising on service quality.
Saved Quotes
Unlock convenience with our Saved Quotes feature, enabling you to preserve quotes for future use. Ideal for frequently run quotes, it simplifies the process by storing all the shipment data you entered. With just a click on 'More Info,' effortlessly rerun to get the current rate.
NMFC Product List
Streamline your workflow by adding frequently shipped products to our NMFC product list. Easily set dimensions, class, and other crucial details. When rating a shipment, effortlessly select the relevant product, and watch as the information auto-populates, reducing the chance of errors.
BOL History
Effortlessly store and retrieve all your Bills of Ladings, while also providing the convenience of creating new ones. Simplify your logistics record-keeping, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in every shipment.
The Best Rate For Your Freight

Explore Comprehensive
Rate Comparisons

AmRate's Rate Optimizer can be customized to access and compare rates from all three options ensuring optimal cost-efficiency.

LTL Rate Optimizer

Preloaded Blanket Rates
Competitive Rates that the AmRate team negotiated for our customers

Customer Specific Pricing (CSP)
Upon your request, our team will skillfully negotiate tailored rates with carriers for your business.

Direct Carrier Pricing (DCP)
Rates that you have directly negotiated with carriers for your business. No affiliation with AmRate.

Hear From Our AmRate TMS Users

"We have looked at other solutions and weren’t very happy with them. The AMRATE customer service really stands out as a differentiator. We are able to get a hold of someone quickly. Some of the services that other companies provide are inconsistent. Things such as receiving freight in a timely manner are important."

Don Batke

Protective Industrial Polymers

The Amware Team is attentive to our specific needs and provides around the clock service to help us to exceed our customers’ expectations. AmRate has consolidated the scheduling and management of all of our LTL shipments into a one stop shop – it truly is “logistic solutions” – easy to use, time saving and cost saving.

Amanda Zazo

Director Of Operations and Business Development | America's International Inc.

"This has got to be the most efficient, customizable and easy to use LTL software available."

Kevin Foos

All Foils, Inc.

“Working with Amware is an absolute pleasure from top to bottom. Their responsiveness is second to none and they truly make you feel you are a valued partner to them. No problem is too big for them to handle and that’s extremely reassuring to our company to know we have their full support in all scenarios. As someone who works with over 20 3PL’s across the country, I would strongly recommend anyone who is looking for a partner in a 3PL to work with Amware – you will not be disappointed.”

Anthony Powell

Business & Product Manager | Rebox


Plans & Pricing

For businesses seeking competitive rates and seamless shipping on a central platform without the hassle of carrier negotiations.
Preloaded Blanket Rates
Customer Specific Pricing
All TMS features
All Value-Added Services
                      + $1 per DCP Shipment
For businesses that possess their own carrier pricing, yet seek to broaden their carrier network while benefiting from centralized data management.
Preloaded Blanket Rates
Customer Specific Pricing
Direct Carrier Pricing
All TMS features
All Value-Added Services For Blanket Rates & CSP Shipments
Looking For Something different?
Custom Solution
Our software, tailored to your needs.
Used By:
Shipping Managers
Freight Brokerages
Logistics Coordinators
Businesses Of All Sizes
Direct Carrier Pricing Only
Includes All TMS Features
Customizable Platform
White Labeling Available

Tier Breakdown


Take Our Route to Optimized Logistics

Getting started with AmRate is simple and straightforward. Regardless of whether you're a small business striving for growth, a large corporation seeking enhanced efficiency, or even a broker in need of a robust TMS solution, AmRate is an adaptable platform equipped with the tools and capabilities to meet your unique requirements. Submit an Inquiry to get started!

"This has got to be the most efficient, customizable and easy to use LTL software available."

Kevin FoosAll Foils, Inc.


Discovery & Demo Call

After submitting an inquiry, one of our dedicated sales agents will reach out to arrange a 60 minute virtual meeting with the goal of gaining a thorough understanding of your distinctive challenges, requirements, and overarching objectives. Additionally, we'll provide a comprehensive demo of AmRate, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of how our solution can address your specific needs and contribute to your success.


Tailor Made Solution

Drawing from the insights gathered during the Discovery Call, we will identify which AmRate option best aligns with your needs, ensuring optimal value for your business. Your dedicated Amware representative will guide you through the seamless account setup process and provide step-by-step guidance and support to ensure a smooth transition.


Seamless Integration & Collaboration

Following the initial setup, our dedicated IT team will collaborate closely with your team to seamlessly integrate AmRate with any other compatible software platforms you currently utilize. Meanwhile, our team will will provide comprehensive training, guiding you through the intricacies of AmRate and sharing best practices and tips to maximize its effectiveness.


Experience Optimized Logistics

Leveraging real-time data insights and continuous analysis, we identify opportunities for improvement and implement strategic adjustments to further enhance your logistics operations. With AmRate, your transportation processes are continually optimized to drive greater productivity and success for your business. Make data driven decisions with AmRate.

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Can I Add My Own Rates into AmRate?

Yes! With AmRate, you have the flexibility to use your own negotiated rates with carriers alongside our blanket rates. This means that you can take advantage of any special rates or discounts you have negotiated with specific carriers, while also benefiting from our competitive rates. And the best part? You can use both options seamlessly within the AmRate system, giving you the ultimate control over your shipping costs.

How Long Does Set Up Take?

It depends! If you're signing up for our free forever version and leveraging our convenient blanket rates, you can have everything up and running in less than 10 minutes! If you decide to add your Direct Carrier Pricing for a more customized experience, our dedicated IT team is ready to assist. They'll work closely with you, connecting the necessary APIs to ensure a seamless integration in no time.

Does AmRate Integrate With My WMS or other softwares?

Of course! AmRate is equipped with API capabilities, allowing seamless integration with many of the software solutions you're already using. Our IT team is here to assist with this process, ensuring that our systems communicate effortlessly for a smooth and integrated experience.

Will AmRate Schedule My Pickups?

Yes! Once you've selected a carrier during the quoting process and confirmed the booking, AmRate's system takes care of the rest. It automatically dispatches the shipment request to the chosen carrier and promptly sends you a comprehensive shipment confirmation. As an added convenience, the system generates a Bill of Lading, sending it to the destination of your choice.

Does AmRate Only Quote LTL Rates?

Certainly not! Although AmRate comes preloaded with our LTL blanket rates for your convenience, you also have the flexibility to incorporate your own Direct Carrier Pricing for Parcel shipments. Additionally, take advantage of the system's capability to obtain spot quotes for truckload and partial shipments. Simply input relevant information about the load, and the system will seamlessly dispatch it to one of our experienced freight brokers, who will promptly follow up with you.

Can I import my address book and product list?

Absolutely! Instead of manually uploading your address book and product list, discuss with your dedicated dispatcher about conveniently sending them over in an Excel or .csv format. We'll take care of the upload directly to the platform, streamlining your setup process for a hassle-free experience.

Still have questions?

No Problem!

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