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3PL Industry Challenges

June 30, 2017
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As a full-service logistics provider, Amware is part of an incredibly competitive industry that is facing some new challenges in today’s complex world. From finding good workers to continuing to reinvent old technology, 3PLs that don’t continue to evolve will be left behind.

Not sure what we’re talking about? Here are a few challenges the 3PL industry is facing right now.

Increasing & Changing Rules & Regulations

With the current political landscape, some companies are having a hard time either receiving or sending products to their partners in other regions of the world. And while an increased emphasis on regulations can be a good thing for ensuring that everyone is following the law, it can mean extended shipping times.

The biggest challenge businesses and 3PLs have in regards to regulation is actually knowing what the laws are. As laws, rules, and regulations change, 3PL providers must stay up-to-date.

Having an in-depth logistics software can help with this. By setting up new parameters as laws change, a logistics software can quickly re-calibrate shipping time, cost, and route.

Increasing Need for Accessible Infrastructure

Globalization has made it possible for American consumers to access affordable goods that are relatively high quality. But it has also made it difficult for 3PL providers to keep their customers happy.

Between poor infrastructure in some outlying and even populated areas, and a lack of communication throughout the shipping process, 3PL customers can be left in the dark about where their product is. With a 3PL logistics software, however, updates are easily accessed by customers with access to the software.

While the infrastructure surrounding a manufacturer in a remote location may take some time to mature, major stakeholders will at least have the information necessary to make a decision about a late (or early) shipment arrival.

Continual Need for New Talent

Running a business is nearly impossible if your team can’t handle the challenges and responsibilities of daily work life. That’s why it’s so important for a 3PL to have a top-notch team.

At Amware, we utilize a team of professionals who work directly with business owners and managers to ensure that each and every customer gets the one-on-one attention they need to make their business successful.

Looking Ahead for the 3PL Industry

No matter what industry your primary business is in, new challenges are always on the horizon. But success is a given for those companies who continue to evolve and grow.

As a Cleveland, Ohio-based 3PL provider, Amware continues to improve our AmRate software so that our customers can get the information they need in seconds. And we’re always adding to our team of support personnel, agents, and partners so that our customers get the high quality service they deserve.

To learn more about Amware 3PL services, or to join our team, contact us now.

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