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The Benefits of 3PL Software for Better LTL Freight Management

December 29, 2017
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If you’ve been considering whether or not to add a 3PL software to your LTL freight management logistics process, it’s time to stop thinking and take action. As a new year starts, lowering costs, increasing efficiency, and minimizing redundancies are likely all at the top of your agenda.

With another tough year ahead for small businesses, maintaining low cost and risk is key to growth in 2018. With an integrated software solution, you can do it all. Here are just a few of the benefits of 3PL software for better LTL freight management.

Integrate Accounting, Tracking, & Claims Management for Improved LTL Freight Management

3PL software offers LTL freight management teams the ability to integrate the three most common tasks of the job: accounting, tracking, and managing claims. With one easy-to-use software, a logistics manager or freight specialist can get quotes from several carriers at once, and find out the cost implications of different routes.

This type of software can also track shipments and trace them in real-time, so you (and your customers) can easily get an update when necessary. And when something goes wrong, 3PL software can help guide your team and your customer through a seamless process for a fast resolution. With tracking information included, claims management software onboard, and accounting built right in, you’ll have all of the customer information you need to make an informed decision about next steps.

Empower Your Team to Improve Processes

Good technology is designed to make life easier. 3PL software is designed to integrate all of your regular processes into one streamlined experience so you and your team can spend less time on the phone tracking shipments, and more time in the office making things happen. For that reason, one of the biggest benefits of integrated software is its ability to empower your team to improve processes to streamline your efforts and increase profitability.

If a specific carrier takes longer to ship a product from Point A to Point B than another carrier at the same price, you can choose not to use the inefficient carrier again. But unless you have all of the data in front of you, it can be difficult to see regular trends. In the same way, with integrated accounting information, you can see which accounts need a little reminding of payment due dates and which of your clients are always paying on time at a quick glance.

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