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3PL TMS Increases Visibility on LTL Shipments

October 6, 2022
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TMS increases visibility for LTL|Amrate Dashboard

In today’s technology-based, on-demand world, transparency and visibility into every aspect of the supply chain have become an expectation rather than an aspiration by most supply chain managers. Cloud-based platforms enable access to manufacturers and suppliers around the world. Yet somehow, in this high-visibility world, the transportation logistics segment of the supply chain has been slow to adopt and adapt to new technology. If your warehouse and transportation managers are still picking up the phone to get LTL and FTL shipping quotes, they are like pilots flying blind over the rocky mountains.  A transportation management system (TMS) brings much-needed visibility, which leads to better forecasts, a more efficient supply chain, and ultimately – a leaner operation and higher margins.

Visibility Increases Flexibility

When a less than load (LTL) shipment leaves your warehouse, the pallets arrive at the correct destination, on time, undamaged, and all paperwork is in perfect order every time, right? Unfortunately, traffic delays, harsh weather conditions, poor record keeping, and incorrect paperwork can wreak havoc on LTL shipments. In these situations, shippers may not know that a shipment is off schedule until complaints start rolling in.

A transportation management system (TMS) can’t control the weather or traffic, but it can alleviate much of the stress associated with these issues by offering greater visibility into the transit points of the shipment. This much-needed visibility can allow shippers to collaborate with parcel carriers, communicate with customers, and make arrangements with distribution centers to mitigate potential problems ahead of customer complaints. What’s more, a TMS (like Amrate) will offer a choice of competitive rates from a wide variety of carriers, increasing the options and flexibility in shipping LTL.

Visibility Increases Customer Satisfaction

Excellent customer service leads to higher retention rates, increased repeat business, and more referrals. A TMS transfers knowledge and power to the customer, where (historically) it had been with the carrier. Increased visibility in the LTL shipping process enables transportation and supply chain managers to make better decisions over time.

How Transportation Management Systems Work

Transportation Management Systems work to automate, simplify, and create greater visibility into the LTL shipping process.  Amrate, Amware’s proprietary TMS, simplifies the LTL Process by offering LTL customers:

» The ability to use their carrier rates or rates; offering the best of both worlds

» Providing live Customer Service

» Freight Bill Audit and Payment

» Consolidated Billing

» Customized Dashboard Reporting

» Up-to-the-Minute Carrier Management

» Claims Resolution

» Expedite and Guarantee

To learn more about Amrate, Amware’s proprietary platform, sign up for a FREE trial and see how much you value you could be adding to your supply chain.

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