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Avoiding Supply Chain Dissonance: The Power of Synchronized Logistics

October 10, 2023
5 min read
Transportation Logistics
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syncronized zombies

Synchronized Logistics – What it Means

Have you ever watched synchronized swimming during the Olympics? Or seen a ballet, marching band, or music video with dancers moving in perfect step and sequence to a choreographed routine? If so, you’ve witnessed firsthand the beauty and harmony of synchronization.

While it’s not as outwardly visible, synchronization in logistics, when properly choreographed and executed, is an equally beautiful spectacle as the zombies dancing in step to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

When viewed as part of the overall supply chain, the synchronization of warehousing and transportation must work in harmony in order to realize maximum efficiency and cost. When out of alignment, costs can rise due to any one of the following:

  • Ineffective shipping and receiving of physical inventory
  • Ineffective inventory management – knowing where products are located within the warehouse
  • Ineffective safety policies
  • Outdated/broken machinery or understaffed facilities

Small Issues – Big Impact

On the surface, a return may seem insignificant, but when spread out over a term, it can illustrate a bigger issue. If returns are happening because the wrong products are being sent from the warehouse, the time expended on procuring the initial order is now tripled.

  • The time it took to pick up and ship the initial order
  • The time it takes to restock the return and re-inventory it
  • Time it takes to find the correct item and re-ship it to the end user

Without proper inventory management and controls, little issues like returns can add up quickly. The same goes for aligning staff with shipping and receiving times.

Synchronize Your Logistics With The Right Partner

When properly architected, a logistics partner can save clients time and money by ensuring the smooth flow of incoming and outgoing shipments to and from the warehouse. They’ll utilize a warehouse management system (WMS), which will help to manage inventory accurately. They’ll be using up-to-date and well-maintained equipment. They’ll have the right people working at the right times to maximize incoming and outgoing shipments better.

Amware is a 3PL who knows what it takes to keep logistics services synchronized and working at maximum efficiency. This approach directly benefits clients by making logistics a cost-effective part of the overall supply chain by reducing waste and unnecessary overhead.

Well-synchronized logistics services can not only add value to the supply chain, but they can also directly impact the bottom profitability of the products being warehoused and delivered.

Contact Amware today and see how a well-synchronized 3PL can add value to your supply chain.

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