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Benefits of 3PL Software Integration

August 31, 2017
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AmRate Software
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3PL software integration saves time and money. Amrate is a 3PL software from Amware that easily integrates with all of the most common platforms including Oracle, SAP, Great Plains, and MS Dynamics. This LTL shipping software makes it easy for you to get the information you need for your customers within the interface you already know and rely on.

Unlike other software on the market, Amrate can save you time, money, and stress to your team by making it easy and simple for you to do everyday tasks like tracking, getting rates, and creating reports. Keep reading to find out a few benefits of 3PL software integration.

Save Time with 3PL Software Integration

If you’re like many warehouse managers who regularly use LTL shipping, much of your time is spent wrangling quotes from shipping carriers. After you finally get a couple of quotes and decide on a carrier, you’re now spending time trying to get up-to-date tracking information for your customers. Often times, carriers won’t provide routing information unless you ask, and your shipment could end up in the middle of a huge storm and face unnecessary delays.

With 3PL software integration, you can save yourself time hunting down tracking information and chasing down quotes by getting all of the information you need right through your existing software interface. Imagine pulling up a customer file and being able to see several quotes in just seconds from major LTL shipping carriers. That is the biggest benefit of the Amrate software.

Save Money on LTL Shipping with Amrate

Another huge benefit of software integration is that you get so much more information than you might get otherwise. In addition to getting tracking and routing information, you get instant shipping quotes from major carriers. Amrate makes it easy for you to choose the parameters that mean the most to you. That means that you can choose the cheapest, the fastest, the most trustworthy, or the biggest depending on your particular needs.

But cost isn’t just about the price of shipping. In this case, the time saved utilizing the software integration also means extra time that can be used for customer care, expanding your business, or improving the infrastructure in your warehouse. Instead of sitting on the phone with another shipping company trying to get information, you could be training up your team to take on more responsibility, reorganizing for the next major batch of products, or even just relaxing until the next big thing rolls around.

Amrate can be used as a standalone software right on the cloud, but it works best when it’s integrated into your existing platform. By keeping all of the data you need in one place, Amrate easily pairs shipping and customer information. Find out how your business can benefit from 3PL software integration. Download a free trial of Amrate today!

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