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Benefits of a 3PL TMS

May 10, 2022
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Third-party logistics companies (3PLs) offer an abundance of services. They can provide shipping quotes, shipping route options, storage services, tracking information, and more. But if a 3PL doesn’t have technologically relevant transportation management software (TMS) at the center of it all, important details can fall through the cracks. And non-existent or antiquated 3PL transportation management software can end up costing clients a ton.

Current Carrier Management

Whether you’re looking to get quotes from multiple carriers or you’re looking to manage one specific carrier with several different shipments at once, having a 3PL TMS to do it all is absolutely necessary for businesses shipping LTL.

Without a cloud-based or integrated transportation management software, important details can fall through the cracks. If a hurricane is scheduled to come across your normal shipping route, having quick access to a TMS with integrated shipping options can give you the freedom to choose a different route. This ability can save time, money, and frustration over a lost shipment or late delivery.

Tracking Capabilities of 3PL Software

Having tracking and tracing capabilities in your 3PL TMS is an absolute must-have feature for the same reason as having carrier management capability. Knowing exactly where a package is in transit is paramount to keeping customers informed and content.

Going back to the hurricane example: if an LTL shipment is delayed due to a storm, getting the information as quickly as possible is important. This is especially true for small business owners who are reliant on income from every shipment to keep their business afloat. Tracking and tracing capability make it possible to keep customers informed about where their shipments are and when they should be arriving.

Claims Resolution Capabilities

No matter how excellent the carrier or 3PL  is, things happen. Shipments get lost, damaged, or misdirected even with the best team. But having a quick, easy, and convenient claims resolution software capability can mean the difference between a fast resolution and a six-month waiting period.

With integrated claims resolution software, carrier clients can quickly start the process. Getting the claim in quickly means that it can start processing as soon as possible and that a resolution can come much faster. Since the carrier, shipment, cost, and tracking information can also be integrated with the claims resolution software, all of the information is already available and ready for the claim.

Clients with small and large business ventures hire 3PL companies to make their process easier, their shipping cheaper, and their claims resolution faster. Having an antiquated TMS can mean huge losses. Instead of dealing with all of that, consider choosing a 3PL  that has great software that is easy, convenient, and comes with a FREE 30-day trial.

Amrate is proprietary software from Amware, that offers claims resolution, tracking and tracing, carrier management, and more. Learn more about the software now and sign up for your free trial below.

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