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Benefits of Outsourcing Shipping Management to a 3PL

February 16, 2022
5 min read
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two road signs pointing opposite directions. one says outsource and the other says in-house.

Whether you’re a busy executive working to improve your bottom line, or a Traffic Manager simply looking to improve efficiency, a 3PL can be a great asset. Outsourcing the shipping management process to a third-party logistics company can take some of the stress out of running a business and help your customers get their products faster.

Why Outsource your Shipping Management?

Saving time and increasing efficiency are excellent reasons to outsource your entire shipping management process to a third-party logistics company. But there are many other compelling reasons for partnering up with a 3PL that will help improve your business processes.

Save Big on Software

Instead of investing in creating, managing, and improving your own proprietary transportation management system, consider choosing a reputable 3PL company with one of their own.

These software solutions are often offered as a free bonus when you outsource your shipping processes through a 3PL. Amrate, the Amware software, makes it easy to create and run custom reports, get real-time tracking information, and compare prices for different shipping routes.

Lower Associated Risk

Third-party logistics providers are trained to mitigate risk as much as possible. Between managing multiple carrier contracts and meeting all necessary safety regulations, 3PLs ensure shipments, warehouses, and any other liabilities are insured correctly.

Not only does your business not have to deal with the logistics of determining the what’s and how’s of the risk associated with shipping and warehousing, but you also don’t have to maintain the staff to take care of all of the logistics. Instead, a 3PL has trained staff that makes sure your products, shipments, and stored items are correctly covered.

Earn Shipping Discounts

3PLs like Amware work with hundreds of carriers throughout the U.S. The volume of freight a 3PL moves in a year affords them discounts individual businesses would be hard-pressed to receive. Because of these heavily discounted rates, they’re able to pass along savings to their clients on LTL and FTL a single carrier wouldn’t be able to offer. What’s more, 3PL clients have the ability to shop their rates through a transportation management system, assuring the best rate for their freight. Amware’s Amrate TMS allows clients to compare and book shipments. Additionally, clients that wish to add their own rates to the system are able to do so.

Learn More About Outsourcing to a 3PL

Changes to federal policies, the uncertainty of the future political climate, and the rising costs of doing business are all fresh on the mind of supply chain professionals. Whether you’re looking at increasing efficiency or lowering the cost of your supply chain process, a 3PL can help you get the job done right.

At Amware, we strive to make your job easier. From negotiating better contracts with shipping carriers to getting you the right warehouse location to get the biggest bang for your buck, we’ll be with you through it all. To learn more about Amware and the logistics services we offer, contact our team, or sign up for a free 30-day trial of Amrate and start saving 30% or more annually today!

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