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The Power of Warehouse Management Systems in Public Warehousing

October 26, 2023
5 min read
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One of the biggest mistakes we see in public warehousing is the absence of a warehouse management system. In terms of productivity, loss control, and efficiency, a digital system for managing inventory and processes can go a long way to increasing your business’s profitability. Here are a few reasons the warehouse you choose should be utilizing a warehouse management system.

Why Use a Warehouse Management System?

If your warehouse is not already using a warehouse management system, you might not know the many ways it could potentially benefit your business. From improving efficiency to enhanced record keeping, this kind of system is essential for clients utilizing a public warehouse in the 21st century. Here are four benefits of using a warehouse management system:

1. Less Paperwork

If you’re using a warehouse as part of your logistics process, you want information on when and how you want it. And as a rule, you want the information as fast as possible. Unfortunately, warehouses that aren’t utilizing a warehouse management system often use a pick-and-pack business model, in which old paperwork is stored in large file cabinets for later perusal. But when pallets or shipments go missing, sometimes the paperwork does too. A warehouse management system means the warehouse team can easily search through your inventory to find out what happened and give you an answer quickly.

2. Stock Management

In the old days, companies maintained high inventory levels of products that didn’t sell well, so in the event a big order came in, they were prepared. But today, it doesn’t make sense to hang on to large amounts of product that may never leave the warehousing facility. A warehouse management system gives your warehouse team a bird’s eye view of the product you have in stock, what product is moving, and what product is scheduled to come in soon so you can make wise, long-term decisions about warehouse inventory levels.

3. Housekeeping & Maintenance

With a warehouse management system, keeping up with the regular day-to-day maintenance is a little easier. Your warehouse team can track when and where things get done, make note of when the material handling equipment was last serviced, and keep an eye on the flow of goods and people within the public warehousing environment. Regular maintenance and housekeeping are keys to ensuring your public warehouse is running at its maximum efficiency with minimal downtime so you can keep running your business.

4. Increased Efficiency

Keeping your business flowing fast and smoothly is the best way to ensure a healthy operation. With a warehouse management system, your warehouse team can keep track of all of the little details in one place—and you can get updates quickly and in real time. Instead of a warehouse worker walking through rows and racks to find the shipment you’re looking for, the system can tell workers where it’s stored and whether or not (and when) it’s scheduled to leave the facility.

Warehouse Management Systems for Public Warehousing

If you’re using a public warehouse as part of your logistics solution, consider taking a closer look at public warehouses that utilize a warehouse management solution for increased efficiency and productivity. Are you ready to make a move to a better public warehouse? Contact the team at Amware now.

By implementing a warehouse management system, you can transform your public warehousing experience, reduce paperwork, enhance stock management, ensure proper housekeeping, and significantly increase efficiency – all contributing to a more profitable and streamlined operation. Don’t miss out on the advantages this modern solution can offer to your business.

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