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What Should a Freight Agent Salary Be?

October 31, 2017
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Whether you’re considering a new career or simply trying to learn more about the industry, working as a freight agent can be rewarding both emotionally and financially. With the opportunity to continue evolving in your career with a team of supportive professionals, Amware freight agents enjoy steady growth throughout their career.

What’s a Freight Agent?

Put simply, a freight agent is an independent sales rep who earns commission. As an Amware freight agent, you’ll spend time building your book of business, and offering Amware services to your clients. Amware freight agents earn commission on every sale, which is what makes up your salary.

What Should a Freight Agent Salary Be?

What can you expect from a salary as a freight agent? This question is incredibly difficult to answer because your success will largely be determined by your own skill and ambition. For some, that will be a very scary thing, and for others the idea that your financial destiny is in your hands is thrilling.

At Amware, we’ll do everything we can to help you be successful, starting with making a plan. We will work with you to determine how to help you achieve your financial and career goals. Then we’ll support you through the process, help you stay on track, and reward you as you shoot for the stars.

Depending on the size of the book of business a new freight agent brings, salaries can vary. A top-producing freight agent at Amware can earn in excess of $250,000 annually. The primary reason agents make more at Amware is due to the fact that Amware supports freight agent clients as they do direct clients. This allows agents to focus solely on sales and revenue generation.

Why Do Freight Agents Choose Amware?

As an independent sales representative, freight agents have quite a few carriers to choose from. And many will tell you that they conduct thorough investigative research prior to choosing to become an Amware freight agent.

Those who’ve chosen to work with Amware will tell you that they choose us as a carrier over some of our largest competitors for a few reasons:

  • At Amware, our freight agents are our priority. They receive one-on-one attention to help them be as successful as possible.
  • Amware offers freight agents in-depth business growth planning assistance to help them find their greatest opportunities.
  • Amware offers support in many forms including product training, software, and tools to help them grow their book of business even if they’re just starting out.

The most common reason freight agents make more with Amware is due to the simple fact that Amware offers a full suite of products and services which agents can sell. Other 3PL’s only allow agents to sell LTL or truckload services. Amware allows their agents to sell everything they offer.

How to become an Amware freight agent

Do you have an ideal salary in mind? Let’s work together to make it happen. To be a successful Amware freight agent, you will be outgoing, ambitious, and hardworking. You’ll also ideally have either a wide network of professional connections and an existing book of business.

Whether you’re just starting out in the industry, or you’re trying to decide whether to switch over from another carrier, Amware offers potential, opportunity, and tools for success not offered at larger companies. Ready to learn more about Amware and the products we offer? Download our Agent checklis and see if you’re ready to make the leap.

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