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Freight Agents Find Success in Cleveland!

March 30, 2017
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the Flats in Cleveland

If your carrier isn’t meeting all of your expectations, then you’ve got to take a closer look at the success found by Cleveland freight agents. Perfectly situated for transporting goods by rail, air, highway, and water, the Cleveland metropolitan area makes business easy for agents looking to increase their annual income. Keep reading to learn how freight agents are finding success in Cleveland.

Choosing the Right US Hub a Key to Freight Agent Success

The first thing you need to do to find success as a freight agent is to find the right location in the United States to serve all of your customers. You have a lot of big cities to choose from but few offer the amenities of Cleveland.

Why Cleveland?

We’ve talked about Why Cleveland, Ohio is Great for Freight! before, but we really can’t stress it enough. Cleveland offers direct access by rail, water, air, and road, to nearly anywhere in the United States and abroad. Choosing the right (or wrong) geographic location can either help or hurt your customers. Cleveland is strategically positioned to be a day away from over 90% of the United States. As a freight agent, adding value to your client’s shipments will mean more referrals for you.

Above and beyond that, the city is really just great for industry altogether. With a huge local workforce and business-friendly lawmakers, Cleveland is a great place to start, run, and grow a successful freight business.

Multiple Services Available

As an agent, you’ll always be looking for ways to add income to your personal bottom line. While other 3PL’s can offer you opportunities to earn commission on LTL shipments, there are very few who boast opportunities for agents to sell services above and beyond that. Amware offers agents the ability to sell their entire line of products and services, including: LTL, Full Truckload, Public Warehousing, Drayage, and Amrate software integration services. Why limit your earning potential to one line of business when you could double, triple, or quadruple it selling add-on services to your already loyal customers?

Once you set your sites on Cleveland, the endless possibilities start to become a little more clear. And it’s time to start looking for a freight agent solution that meets the needs of your budding business. You’ll find as a freight agent, Cleveland is a great place to be.

A Qualified Team Behind the Scenes

Your number one priority as an agent is growing your business, which means selling more! You’re only going to be as successful as the team of professionals supporting you behind the scenes. Amware goes above and beyond to support their agent, providing infrastructure, client support, and financial help to get their new agents off the ground and running. Freight agents with Amware state time and again that the two greatest factors in choosing Amware as their 3Pl are

  1. Having multiple products and services to sell.
  2. The outstanding support they received during their transition and afterward with their clients.

When it comes to finding success in Cleveland, a good freight agent knows that pairing with a full service freight and logistics provider can be the difference between surviving and thriving. Amware offers a full service solution for all of your clients’ logistical needs.

If you want to sell more and worry less,

Budding freight agents shouldn’t be afraid to ask the tough questions and expect the same service from their prospective 3PL partner their clients receive.

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