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The 2021 Holiday Freight Crunch

November 18, 2021
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When it comes to LTL and FTL the holidays always throw a wrench into shipping times. In addition to the normal holiday delays, 2021 has thrown several additional wrenches at an already overtaxed industry.

  • The pre-pandemic truck driver shortage has continued through the recovery, due in large part to many retirement-aged drivers choosing to retire during the pandemic.
  • Supply chain issues have plagued the U.S. in recent months. Many items which would have normally been on store shelves this time of year are still on ships waiting to port.
  • Price inflation is affecting all facets of the supply chain.
  • Increased fuel prices are trickling down to transportation logistics.

This year, unlike years past, businesses are scrambling and struggling to simply get a truck to show up. Priority and expedited shipping is becoming the new normal. In a space where price used to be the primary driver, more businesses are willing to pay high rates to simply get their goods moved.

2022 should hopefully see a rebalancing of the supply chain, but the end is not yet in sight and Christmas is only a month away.

If your business is struggling to move shipments, Amware has a fleet of Asset-based trucks. As such, we can offer shipping clients expedited and guaranteed delivery.

This year aside, having a general understanding of the standard shipping seasons will hopefully help you plan your shipments in advance of potential delays.

Seasons of Shipping

To determine the ideal time to have your freight shipped, it’s important to understand the shipping seasons.

Season One

Season one goes from January through March. It’s fairly quiet because the holiday rush has come to an end. LTL shipments typically flow smoothly during this time.

Season Two

Season two starts in April and ends in July. This is a busy season, mainly because produce is in season and trucks are in greater demand.

Season Three

Season three runs from August to October and is considered the peak shipping season. During this season, people are placing many orders and preparing for back to school as well as the holidays.

Season Four

Also known as the holiday season, season four is in November and December. The start of this season is usually busy because customers are trying to ship last minute. However, things eventually slow down and there is (normally) a greater truck availability.

If your shipments are time-sensitive, it’s best to utilize expedited FTL.

Contact Amware to Learn About Expedited Shipping Services for FTL and LTL

Amware is pleased to offer expedited shipping services for FTL and LTL. CONTACT US today for more information and ensure your FTL and LTL shipments arrive on time during the busy holiday shipping season. For a list of competitive LTL rates and truck availability, click below to request a free trial of our transportation management system – Amrate.

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