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FTL - Which Type of Truck is the Ideal One for Your Shipment?

December 8, 2022
5 min read
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Finding the right FTL trucking solution for your business doesn’t have to be challenging. In fact, there are several ground shipping solutions that can help you get your product from the manufacturer to the end user. Your cargo type will largely determine which truck will offer the best solution. Keep reading to learn more about the different trucks used to ship FTL freight.

How to Choose the Right Truck for FTL Shipments

There are a few things you’ll need to know about the cargo you’re transporting before you can decide which truck is the best option for you, including the following:

  • The type of cargo you are shipping
  • The special care required for your cargo
  • The size, shape, and weight of your shipment
  • The value of the shipment
  • The necessary delivery date for your cargo

Once you know these factors, it’s time to think about how best to accomplish your transportation goals. In general, there are three main types of trucks used for freight shipping.

Flatbed Truck

A flatbed truck has an open cargo trailer bed in the rear and a driver’s cab in the front. Often, flatbeds are good for shipments that are highly durable and possibly bulky. Since the truck doesn’t have a roof or sides, the shipped goods should be capable of withstanding the elements, such as piping, large wrapped products, or even machinery. Flatbed trucks are a great solution for these types of goods because the bed is completely level, making it easy to load and unload with or without machinery.

Box Truck

Sometimes called a “dry van,” a boxed truck has walls, a roof, and a secure cargo door. Often box trucks are used for products that need a bit of protection from the elements but don’t necessarily need temperature control.

If you’re not using full truckload and instead utilizing less than truckload shipping, chances are your shipment will be moved in a box truck at some point. Because box trucks are shaped like a big box on wheels, they may not be particularly accommodating to oddly sized products since they can only be loaded and unloaded from the rear.

FTL Box Truck

Refrigerated Truck

Sometimes called a “reefer” truck, climate-controlled trucks are made to move perishable goods that need to maintain a specific temperature. The internal temperature of the truck can be controlled throughout the journey to meet your specific temperature requirements. Refrigerated trucks most commonly look like box trucks but are much larger. Because these are often used for full truckload shipping, they are usually an 18-wheeler or “semi-trailer” truck, but they can be several different sizes depending on the size of your particular shipment.

FTL refridgeration truck

Learn More About Full Truckload Shipping

Whether you’re just unsure which type of truck you need or are interested in a detailed quote on your FTL trucking and logistics needs, contact the team at Amware to learn more. We’ll work with you to find a customized shipping solution that fits the needs of your business.

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