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How Fulfillment Helps You Maximize Your Public Warehousing Dollar

May 15, 2023
5 min read
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If you’re trying to get a little more value out of your public warehousing budget, you may find that adding additional services during this step in the supply chain could be the key. As companies vie to earn your business, they offer services you might not have expected at a simple one-stop-shop.

Learn how fulfillment helps you maximize your public warehousing dollar, then see if Amware can help you lower your bottom line with public warehousing fulfillment services.

Why Add Fulfillment Services at the Public Warehouse

The public warehouse is a simple drop station for your products in a typical supply chain setup. They’re brought to the warehouse, unloaded by the warehousing staff, and then loaded up again when they’re ready to be shipped to another warehouse.

But Amware, a Cleveland public warehousing team, is capable of so much more. At this stage, fulfilling orders is the most important piece of the puzzle. The manpower, logistics, and preparation all take a lot of time. But if you already have the product, a team with the knowledge and know-how, and a logistics system already in place, why not take it further?

By breaking down the shipments at the public warehouse, you can skip all the back-and-forths between the distributor, warehouse, and headquarters. Instead, get it all done in one place. The public warehousing team can mix and match products from different shipments, assemble the products in the correct packaging, get them labeled and coded correctly for shipment, and send them to the right place.

How a Third-Party Logistics Company Can Lighten Your Load

Running a business is tough work, and if you’re running something like a retail business, then getting the product to the customer is the most important part of the process. Let someone else figure out how to make that happen. A third-party logistics (3PL) company, like Amware, that also offers public warehousing can cut costs, staff, and time in the process.

By partnering your purchasing and sourcing managers with the team at a 3PL company, you can save money by only paying for shipping once, from the manufacturer/distributor to the public warehouse in Cleveland.

In a typical supply chain scenario, your process may look like this:

    Distributor – Public Warehouse – Shipping Company – Customer.

With a 3PL, you can experience a simpler (and potentially cheaper) process like this:

    Distributor – Public Warehouse – Customer.

In this scenario, you may be able to pass on the savings to your customer in the form of more competitive pricing and possibly earn more business.

Public Warehousing Fulfillment with Amware

When you’re looking to drop your bottom line, consider adding fulfillment services with Amware. We offer freight preparation and warehousing to make it easier for our customers to do business in Cleveland. When you want a company you can trust and a solution that fits your tight budget, we’ll be here with a solution. Contact the team at Amware now to find out how fulfillment services can help you maximize your public warehousing budget.

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