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What Full Service Should Mean with a 3PL

August 31, 2017
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Whether you’re running a small to mid-sized company, or a Fortune 500, you need to feel confident in your full service 3PL provider. Between knowing where your shipment is at any moment, to getting a clear idea of costs up-front, a 3PL should be able to provide it all.

But many business owners and managers don’t really know what full service should mean with a 3PL. And that means you may not know what to look for before you sign a contract. So here are a few big things to look for while you’re shopping for a logistics provider.

Integrative Software

Technology continues to advance every minute, so shouldn’t your 3PL service? When shopping for a new carrier, start by asking about the technology and software offered by the company. A few questions you may want to ask include:

  • Can the software provide customized reporting information?
  • Can I use the software to submit claims?
  • Can the software track and manage freight payments?
  • Can the software provide me current shipment information?
  • Can the software provide accurate pricing and timeline information?

Any full service 3PL worth their salt should have an integrative software solution that will give you functionality that will save you time and make managing day-to-day activities easier.

Central Location

If you need a full service logistics provider, then a central location is an absolute must-have. Short-distance shipping is obviously cheaper than long-distance shipping, so warehousing in a central location is the best option for businesses with a firm bottom line.

Be sure the full service 3PL provider you choose has a location that’s convenient to your shipping destination by choosing a provider in a central area. Cleveland, Ohio, is an excellent example of this because it’s right in the middle of North America, and it has land, air, and water access.

Excellent Reputation

No matter what kind of service provider you choose, you want to make absolutely sure that you know exactly who they are before you make a deal. That’s why it’s so important to check on the history and reputation of full service 3PL providers. Companies that have been in business for several decades, have experience with a variety of business models, and have a high number of return business are always a safe bet.

Find a Full Service 3PL Now

Amware is a full service freight and logistics provider headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. Centrally located within 500 miles of more than 80% of the population America, we take care of your distribution pipeline from end-to-end. More than 80% of our business is from clients we’ve already worked with. When it comes to choosing a 3PL, don’t risk your business!

Contact the team at Amware today, and let us design a full-service distribution system for your business

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