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What Makes a Great 3PL?

January 19, 2022
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Customers return to their favorite businesses time and again because they enjoy the product, experience, and price offered. But when it comes to businesses choosing and sticking with a 3PL the reasons for sticking around are a little different, but only a little.

At Amware, service is everything. From the moment we receive a customer call to the moment the shipment is delivered, we’re there. We take great pride in boasting top-notch service in every area of our business because we see it as the single greatest area where we can directly impact and add value to our client relationships. While we can’t break out every aspect of the customer experience in a blog, here are the top three reasons clients have shared why they continue to choose Amware as their preferred 3PL.

Integrative Software at Their Fingertips

Technology has made huge jumps in recent years. With the rise of eCommerce as a business model, and an increase in tech-based companies, having integrative software at your fingertips has become paramount to staying with any 3PL company. Software today can perform a variety of functions. For 3PL clients, it can help them find the cheapest shipping rates and routes from multiple carriers, help them get up-to-date tracking and tracing information, as well as input and manage claims. Our Amrate platform not only shines in the functional areas of 3PL software but also integrates with most ERP and management software systems, making Amrate a truly integrated piece of our client’s business.

Excellent Customer Care

A bad experience keeps consumers from coming back for more. The same can be said for clients who have a bad experience with their 3PL. For that reason, it’s incredibly important that a 3PL offers great customer experiences throughout the entire life of the relationship. A great customer experience starts at the first interaction. Keeping the experience light, informative, and without commitment are incredibly important. With free consultations and trial periods, clients can experience the service and get a feel for the 3PL provider. A great 3PL will not only answer the phone but will have friendly people committed to providing answers to questions and quick resolution on issues.

At Amware, pride ourselves on our top-notch customer service, touting that, “We’re known by the companies we keep!”

Fast Claims Resolution

Claims management is a piece of customer care or service, but it gets its own category because it’s such a big deal. When something goes wrong, whether it’s a lost shipment or one damaged on arrival, getting the issue resolved quickly can mean the difference between a huge loss and a minor setback. Easy, fast, and convenient claims management is a huge reason clients remain loyal to their 3PL company. With integrative software, claims management gets even easier. Tracking information, carrier management, and claims resolution are all rolled into one web-based software, making it easy to take care of claims whether the client is on-site or on the go.

Amware Has it All

For a company that has it all, consider choosing Amware as your 3PL. With an integrative web-based software solution at your fingertips, a team of experts a phone call away, and a claims resolution system that is ready when there’s a problem, you’ll be able to save time, money, and have a great experience in the process. In addition, we regularly save LTL clients an average of 30% or more annually.

Contact the team at Amware now for a free consultation, or register for a FREE  30-day trial of Amrate, our proprietary LTL software below.

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