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How a 3PL Can Offer Traffic and Supply Chain Managers a Competitive Edge

June 8, 2021
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AmRate Software
Transportation Logistics
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In today’s ever-changing and evolving transportation logistics space, traffic and supply chain managers are constantly seeking ways to gain an edge. When you have an edge, you have an advantage. Gaining a competitive edge, however, is often easier said than done. Businesses gain an edge through innovation, refining processes, and reducing costs. They look for ways to offer lower pricing or better service. They examine the value they deliver, then find ways to continually and consistently improve.

As it relates to the supply chain, one of the easiest, yet most commonly overlooked ways to gain a competitive advantage is through smart and strategic partnerships. For traffic and transportation logistics managers specifically, gaining an edge could mean partnering with a Third Party Logistics Company (3PL). A good 3PL will make traffic, warehouse, and transportation logistics managers shine. Here’s how:

A 3PL Adds Hours to the Week and Dollars to the Bottom Line

Through the use of a transportation management system (TMS), a 3PL consolidates and streamlines the manual quoting process. Managers enter the freight shipping information once and then have access to several dozen prices from hundreds of different carriers. Here at Amware, we offer clients access to our proprietary TMS, Amrate. In addition to freight quote consolidation, Amrate offers clients:

  • Aggressive pricing on LTL and FTL rates
  • Lightning Fast rate returns
  • Fully customizable dashboard
  • Fully customizable reporting
  • Integration with most database-driven ERP, WMS, and Inventory Management Systems

In short, Amrate and 3PL TMS software make freight quoting efficient and simple. In addition to the time savings, you’ll also save on your freight costs. Amrate clients save on average over 30% annually on LTL and FTL shipping.

Bulk Discounting

If you’ve gone to Costco or BJ’s, you know that buying products in bulk saves money. Partnering with a 3PL is like buying in bulk. The 3PL has relationships with hundreds of freight carriers and can negotiate better rates on your behalf by leveraging those relationships. A 3PL puts your freight quote out to bid and the carriers compete for your business. Additionally, a 3PL can negotiate fuel rates and surcharges with the freight carriers to offer you more savings.

Hands-On Support

3PL companies employ a dedicated support staff that does nothing except take care of you, the customer. They process new orders, deal with the freight carriers when there are issues so you don’t have to, and handle freight claims processing if and when it becomes necessary. Freight carrier support can be daunting. 3PL’s have relationships and contacts within each carrier so they can get your issue resolved in many cases faster than you calling the freight carrier directly.

Risk Mitigation

3PL companies shoulder the risk of the freight shipping link in your supply chain. By offloading your freight shipping through a 3PL, the responsibility is on them to make sure your freight shipment leaves its origination point and arrives at its destination intact and on time. Additionally, 3PL’s know which transportation carrier paperwork is needed for freight claims and customs.


3PL TMS software makes obtaining freight quotes fast and easy. 3PLs shoulder risk and leverage freight carrier relationships to get you the best pricing possible. All of these things together equal greater efficiency. Then, add to it that the TMS provides top-notch reporting and analytics, and there you have your edge.

For more information on Amrate, contact us, or to request a free 30-day trial, click below and start saving on LTL and FTL shipping today!

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