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How Exactly Does Integration Work with 3PL Software?

June 30, 2017
5 min read
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Amrate is a 3PL software that makes LTL shipping a breeze. In consumer industries, getting a quote from a variety of sources is easy. There are a number of travel and retail sites that will give you multiple price quotes from different companies in seconds. But doing the same thing with LTL shipping has been difficult until now. With Amrate, you can integrate an advanced logistics software into your existing software platform and get all of the information you need in one place.

How Does Software Integration Work?

The actual integration process for each platform varies slightly, but it’s generally a very simple process. Once you decide to integrate Amrate into your existing software, the Amware team will use or build APIs or interfaces for your software platform. Amrate interfaces with the database of the ERP system and passes data back and forth using web services to communicate. Over secure SSL channels, data transfer is done through a handshake process.

The integration process can be finished up in as little as one day. Once the software is integrated, you can be fully operational within about a month. The configuration process takes about that long to get the rates, tariffs, carrier information, and tracking information complete for your particular business and customer needs.

What Platforms Does Amrate Work With?

Amrate is an excellent solution both for warehouse managers and accounting professionals who want to use the software for getting quotes and generating reports. So you can expect that the software will work with a variety of software platforms. Some of the most common platforms include Oracle, SAP, Great Plains, and MS Dynamics.

If you have a different platform, you can talk to the team at Amware about the possibility of integration and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process. The software can also be used on its own through the Cloud, so if integration isn’t an option, you can still use the software to get quoting, tracking, and routing information.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Software Integration?

With total software integration you can utilize data in a variety of ways. You can get multiple carrier quotes delivered inside of your platform so you don’t have to search anywhere else. The software provides visibility into LTL including rates, routing, tracking, and freight information. The ERP system uses the data pulled from Amrate to create detailed reports that you can use for reporting, quoting, and billing. And the system will save you time so you don’t have to buy an add-on piece of logistics software.

How Do I Get Started?

To learn more about the Amrate software and integration into your existing platform, you can contact the team at Amware. We are happy to answer any and all questions you might have about the process, the benefits of integration, and when you might be able to get started. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about adding Amrate to your software suite. You can also sign up for a 30-Day free demo of Amrate below. Additionally, if you sign up for service, you’ll be eligible to receive up to 40 hours of free integration services.

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