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What is LTL Shipping and How Can it Save You Money?

October 31, 2017
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Less Than Truckload
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LTL shipping is a common term used within warehouses and shipping departments of larger businesses. However, new or growing businesses considering this cost-effective shipping method may not truly understand what exactly LTL shipping entails.

In this article, you’ll learn the answers to two important questions: What is LTL and how can it save you money on shipping? Keep reading to learn more, then request a free demo of Amrate, our cutting-edge LTL shipping software.

What is LTL?

In a nutshell, LTL shipping is a great option for large bundles of goods that wouldn’t occupy the space of an entire semi-trailer, but would be very expensive to ship in individual parcels or packages.

What does LTL mean?

LTL is shorthand for “Less Than Truckload” and is commonly used by companies in retail manufacturing and distribution.

How does LTL shipping work?

The most common way to transport products from one place to another is to package each product into its own individual box and ship it from one location to another. However, LTL shipping is an alternative which makes it easy to move a large amount of product from one location to another all together. This can cut down on shipping time, tracking difficulties, and costs.

Rather than working with several shipping carriers, which are geographically disparate, LTL shipping offers an opportunity to work with a single service provider, which can ease in product tracking. It also reduces the likelihood and time associated with resolving issues, such as damage and loss.

How can LTL shipping Help you Save Money?

Let’s say you own three retail locations in close proximity in Northern California and you need to get product to all three stores from the manufacturer in Baltimore, Maryland.

One option is to ship the products in individual parcels from Baltimore to the three stores in Northern California. If you’ve ever dealt with a large parcel shipping company like FedEx or UPS, you know that this option is both cumbersome and extremely expensive.

A second option is to bundle the shipments all together and ship them from Baltimore to a central location in Northern California. From there, the bundle of packages can be divided into parcels and shipped affordably using regular parcel post. This option offers easier tracking, a lesser risk of loss and damage, and a huge cost savings.

Where to learn more about LTL Shipping

Want to learn more about LTL shipping? Amware is a premier LTL carrier located in the Cleveland area of Ohio and we are a full-service shipping and logistics company. We offer advanced technology for LTL shipping tracking, pricing, and implementation that works with the software you already use to ship and manage your inventory.

Click below to download a free demo of Amrate, our cutting-edge LTL shipping software.

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