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LTL Tracking Isn’t Nearly as Mature as Parcel Tracking

April 27, 2017
5 min read
Less Than Truckload
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All package tracking is not the same. LTL tracking is different than parcel tracking. As a small or mid-sized business, sending out individual parcels is relatively easy. You pack it up, have it picked up, and then it arrives at its assigned destination. Tracking occurs by package, and it’s user friendly. Since parcel shipping is designed for both businesses and private customers, the tracking technology is constantly improving. In fact, the tracking software is so advanced that you can track a package you sent from your mobile device and have it updated with every status change. And since private customers and businesses alike have so many options to choose from, customer service is usually pretty good.

Unfortunately, LTL tracking hasn’t improved much over the years. You’re lucky to get a status update when the shipment has been delivered, let alone an update at each stopping point. And if you want more information about a shipment, or pallet on a shipment that’s late, not delivered at all, or is still in shipment, getting information about the current location is nearly impossible.

LTL Tracking with Advanced Software Integration

If your customer service team is spending the bulk of their time tracking packages, you’re losing out on a ton of potential work hours. That time could be better spent thanking customers for their recent orders, ensuring that customer records are updated, or even seeking out new business. This loss of work hours translates to lost income with your current LTL shipping company.

The solution to this time-wasting manual tracking activity is the LTL tracking software from a 3PL company like Amware. Known as Amrate, this advanced technology solution has advanced tracking integrated, so you don’t have to spend time looking for each and every shipment. Not only will it save your customer service team time, but it will also likely make your purchasing manager quite happy as well. Not only can Amrate help you keep track of your LTL shipments, but it can return multiple quotes from all the major carriers you’re used to working with.

The Amrate technology easily integrates with your existing logistics software, so there’s not a bunch of migration or back-and-forth necessary. In fact, the dedicated I.T. team at Amware can even help you get it set up, and integrate it into your existing logistics, accounting, ERP, and shipping software so you have all of the information you need in one place.

Save Time & Money with Amrate, a software from Amware

The Amrate software from Amware is super user friendly. In fact, the software works a bit like a travel website in that it will provide you with shipping rates from several carriers when your shipping manager types in a location. But plenty of companies offer that! What they don’t offer is the simple integration between that tracking technology and the logistics systems you already have in place. That’s where Amware’s software sets a new standard.

LTL shipping doesn’t have to be a hassle, so ditch your old LTL company and consider growing your business with a 3PL like Amware today. Learn firsthand about the Amrate software by downloading a free 30-day trial below.

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