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LTL vs. Parcel – Which is the Best Option for You?

July 28, 2017
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Whether a retailer, manufacturer, or wholesaler, choosing between LTL and parcel shipping can have huge ramifications on your budget. Depending on your shipping volume, timeline, and budget, LTL could be the better option for your business needs.

LTL vs. Parcel Shipping

LTL or less-than-truckload is a type of shipping available for those looking to ship large amounts of product, but who don’t have enough product to fill a full semi trailer. These shipments are typically organized through a full service freight and logistics provider.

On the other hand, parcel shipping is a standard shipping method that is limited to small packages and parcels to businesses and individuals. This type of shipment is usually organized through a standard commercial shipping company like UPS, FedEx, or the US postal service.

Is LTL or Parcel Shipping Best for You?

LTL shipping is a common option for small and large businesses who want an affordable way to ship pallets of product. Retailers, restaurants, multinational corporations, and even wedding planners use LTL shipping to get whatever they need from Point A to Point B on time and on budget.

Here are a few examples of LTL shipping uses:

Trade Shows – Oftentimes companies attending trade shows will use an LTL company to ship pallets of product necessary for the trade show to the venue prior to set up. This makes it easy for employees to just show up and set up the show. The employees then pack it up at the end where the LTL company ships it back to storage.

Event Planning – Tables, chairs, and linens are cumbersome. But they can be shipped from a storage facility or vendor straight to the event site. Catering companies, party planners, and even musicians use LTL shipping companies to get their materials to the event site and back into storage afterward.

Parcel shipping is an excellent option for companies looking to get their products to customers in an on-demand basis. If you’re not shipping massive amounts of product or you’re shipping locally, parcel shipping can be a good option.

Here are a few examples of parcel shipping uses:

Artisanal Shop Owners – If you’re selling a high-end product directly to your customer, parcel shipping will get it there the fastest. In this case, shipment tracking is usually the responsibility of both customer and seller.

Online Retailers – Big companies like Amazon and Walmart use parcel shipping to get single or small batches of products directly to their customers’ homes or businesses. In this case shipping tracking is usually the responsibility of the customer.

Choosing the Right LTL Company

When you find yourself with a large shipment, whether for a trade show or a huge wholesale order, an LTL company can make the shipping process easy and affordable. At Amware, we make LTL and freight shipping simple by taking care of all of the logistics for you. And with our web-based software, AmRate, you can shop out carriers, timelines, and routes that align with your business goals.

Contact the team at Amware now to learn more about LTL shipping, or sign up for a free 30-day trial of Amrate!

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