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Optimizing Outbound Freight Logistics

April 5, 2022
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Transportation Logistics
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While inbound logistics is focused on moving and storing incoming semi-finished or raw goods in warehouses while ensuring you’re happy with suppliers and vendors, outbound freight logistics transport products back out for delivery to customers. In the outbound logistics process, public warehouse services and freight shipping play important roles in ensuring efficiency and great customer experiences.

Creating An Optimal Outbound Logistics Process

Working with a reputable public warehouse provider as part of your transportation logistics will ensure customers get the products they want, with the boxes checked for correct quantity, timing, and location. Factors involved in this process include inventory management, order processing, packaging, assigning appropriate warehouse staff, and delivery of finished goods.

Order Picking And Packing

A particularly important step in the outbound logistics process is order picking and packing. Manufacturers and distributors will often store several components of their products separately. The warehouse will then pull specific pieces, assemble, package, and prepare for delivery to the end-user. Consumer satisfaction is reflected in low product return rates. Additionally, in those instances when items are returned, ensuring your public warehouse has an efficient reverse logistics process can greatly help mitigate losses on restocking costs. Despite technological tools that can assist the process, order picking still utilizes a good amount of manual labor. Considering this, a good public warehouse will ensure pick and pack workers are provided the safest and most efficient environment in which to work.

Outbound Transportation

Outbound transportation of goods from the warehouse is often handled by the client. Where many supply chain managers fail to capitalize is in the consolidation of warehousing and shipping as a blended service. In instances where the public warehouse is owned and operated by a 3PL, both warehousing and outbound delivery can be consolidated. By blending these services, the client will typically spend less than they would pay for the services separately.

Help From Third-Party Logistics Experts

Amware is a full-service 3PL offering clients public warehousing (with optional pick-and-pack services) and outbound LTL, Truckload, and Partial Truckload freight shipping. Consider consolidating your warehousing and outbound freight shipping with a company that can deliver. If customer experience is a business strategy your company is focused on improving, Amware can help. Contact us today to learn more.

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