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What is Parcel Audit and Recovery and Why Should You Care About it?

October 20, 2016
5 min read
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If yours is a business that has a parcel carrier agreement it typically means all of your parcel packages are shipped daily and billed monthly to the single corporate account. Depending on the size of your operation, it might mean a few dozen parcel shipments each day or a few hundred. In either case, mistakes can and do happen.

Perhaps your package was manifested but not shipped? Maybe you asked for a Saturday delivery, but the package didn’t arrive until Monday? Errors happen, but in the big carrier world, services are typically billed for at the time of the shipment, not at the time of the delivery. Most shipping departments don’t have the manpower or resources to review the hundreds of shipments that went out the day before as they’re busy working on the current day’s shipments.

That’s where parcel auditing comes in. Parcel auditing experts review parcel invoices and look for errors and overbillings. Whether it’s a billing issue caused by human error or an infraction of one (or more) of the terms of the parcel carrier agreement, third party experts can pinpoint those errors and calculate the funds that have been overbilled.

Recovery is the process that occurs once the audit has been completed. The third party auditors will typically work on your behalf with the carriers to ensure your overbilled funds are returned. Often, these funds are applied to the account as a credit depending on the actual dollar value of the errors.

Until recently, parcel auditing experts relied on their deep understanding of custom parcel carrier agreements to determine where mistakes were being made and whether or not clients were receiving the optimal discounts available. Auditors would pull the data manually and report back to clients with their findings. Now, thanks to advances in technology, software exists which can actually show clients all of their shipping and invoice data. This data is broken out into key performance indicators and will highlight both long and short-term savings. In some cases, clients could be saving millions over the life of their parcel carrier agreement. The best part for users of the software is there is no hard out of pocket expense.

Amware proudly offers ParcelRate, a best of breed parcel software platform. ParcelRate analyzes over 50 KPI’s and has saved clients millions. Download the free ParcelRate guide below and see for yourself just how powerful this cutting edge software platform performs.

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