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Partial Truckload – Filling The Gap Between LTL And FTL

April 25, 2023
5 min read
Partial Truckload
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man on forklift loading semi truck

Partial truckload shipping is an excellent option for businesses that need to ship goods that are too large for LTL but not big enough to fill an entire truck. This mode of transportation offers a perfect alternative for numerous situations, including when a shipment of 10+ pallets via Full Truckload leaves a section of the truck empty or when it is more cost-effective than LTL due to wasted space.


Partial truckload shipping has several benefits. For starters, unlike with LTL shipping, no freight class is assigned to the shipment. This means you won’t be subject to minimum density and reclassification add-on fees. As a result, you can save significant amounts of money on shipping costs.

Another significant advantage of partial truckload shipping is that your freight stays on one truck for the entire transit time. This means there are fewer stops at distribution terminals en route to the destination. As a result, there is less handling of your shipment, which reduces the likelihood of damage or loss. This can result in fewer claims getting filed and lower insurance costs. Additionally, there is often the added bonus of an earlier delivery time, which is especially beneficial when a shipment is time-sensitive.

Partial truckload shipments generally contain more than seven pallets and/or range from 7,000 to 28,000 pounds, and the cost is determined by the number of linear feet taken up by the freight. The number of linear feet is calculated by measuring the shipment’s length, width, and height. This helps determine the amount of space the shipment will take up in the truck. The more linear feet the shipment takes up, the higher the cost will be.

Will Partial Truckload Save Money?

If you’re not convinced that partial truckload shipping is the right choice for your business, consider the cost savings. In some situations, partial truckload savings can be as high as 35% compared to FTL. Additionally, carriers benefit from partial truckload shipping because they can fill their trucks, increase their incomes, and fully utilize their resources.

One way to take advantage of the benefits of partial truckload shipping is to partner with a third-party logistics (3PL) company like Amware. A 3PL can help ensure the optimal modes for your shipments, choose the most appropriate carriers from a comprehensive network for each shipment’s specific needs, and manage the shipping process from start to finish. Amware’s TMS, Amrate 7.0, makes comparing rates for LTL, FTL, and partial truckload shipments easy. By partnering with Amware, you can save money, reduce risk, and focus on growing your business. Click below for a free trial of Amrate today.

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