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Public Warehouse Services - What Should You Expect?

March 22, 2023
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Public warehouse services make it possible for companies of all sizes to enjoy several benefits not available in other storage facilities. But what is a public warehouse, how does it differ from a contract warehouse, and why would anyone use one? Keep reading to find out, then contact the team at Amware to learn more.

What is a Public Warehouse?

A public warehouse is a storage facility that can be rented on a short- or long-term basis with a month-to-month payment option. Charges and fees vary by facility but can include a per pallet charge, a fee for the square footage used, as well as inbound and outbound transaction fees.

Public Warehouse vs. Contract Warehouse

Public warehousing is often an alternative to contract or dedicated warehousing, which is another storage option. In a contract warehouse, the business in need of storage leases the storage facility. This type of contract usually lasts between three and five years, whereas a public warehouse agreement is usually set to auto-renew every 30 days.

Three Benefits of Using a Public Warehouse

There are many reasons to choose public warehouse services over contract warehouse services, from cost to liability. But here are the three biggest reasons we recommend public warehouses.

    1. Flexibility
    For growing businesses looking to test out new products, shipping hubs, or manufacturers, public warehouses offer the flexibility you need. With short-term contracts available, companies have the option to choose a different facility if their needs change.
    2. Services
    Because public warehouse services are highly competitive, you’ll often find a variety of ancillary services offered at a public warehouse which would be an expensive add-on in a contract warehouse facility.

Different types of racking, rail docks, temperature control, and logistics software are all services you can find in a public warehouse. These are usually included within the monthly fee, which makes it easy to test out what works and doesn’t work for your business model.

You’ll also find that public warehouses often offer daily manpower services that could make your business run smoother, including pick and pack services, trans-loading between transport with large equipment and qualified equipment drivers, and even full-service logistics services, such as you’ll find with Amware public warehouse services.

    3. Affordability
    Of course, the cost would likely be the greatest benefit of choosing public warehouse services. Because multiple companies can use many public warehouses simultaneously, there’s a shared cost scale, making them an affordable option for all. The fee scale can be based on square footage, the number of pallets coming in and out of the facility, and even dedicated storage space and services. This means the maintenance and liability coverage costs are also a shared investment and are more affordable for all.

Learn More About Public Warehouse Services

Whether you’re looking to test out a new shipping hub or you simply want an affordable and flexible storage facility for your products, Amware can help. Our public warehouse services make it easy for you to get the services you need within a reasonable budget. Want to learn more? Contact us today. Or click here to learn more about public warehousing and what you could save today!

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