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The Role of a 3PL Transportation Management System

August 30, 2019
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Transportation Management Systems (TMS) are more popular today than ever before. This is no surprise as they can simplify the entire LTL shipping process. So, what exactly is a TMS? A TMS is a software system that manages LTL transportation operations.

While it typically has rating, booking, and tracking functionality, it may also feature reporting and dashboards, freight pay, and other advanced features. The main goal of a TMS is to move freight from its origin to destination in the most efficient, reliable, and cost-effective way. It’s a great way for all types of businesses to achieve maximum logistics ROI.

If you work with a reputable third party logistics provider, they will likely use a TMS as a way to provide you with turn-key solutions that meet (or exceed) your expectations. Let’s dive deeper into the most noteworthy benefits of a TMS.

Technological Capabilities

A TMS offers LTL shippers the technology they need to make wise decisions related to quotes, transit time, and carriers. It offers a centralized location for quoting that takes the time and stress out of the booking process.

Simpler Process; Lower Costs

With a TMS, shippers are able to simplify the process of selecting LTL carriers. Here’s how: They can assess the items being sent and match them with an in-network carrier. A TMS gives them the chance to manage the entire process in one convenient spot, revisit previous shipments, and efficiently match similar orders to the ideal carriers. Outside of a TMS, LTL shipments would need to be quoted by individual carriers. This quoting process is inefficient as it takes a tremendous amount of time for transportation and warehouse managers to source.

Additionally, the use of a TMS from a 3PL leverages the power of competition. With multiple carriers loaded into the TMS, LTL shippers are able to shop around for the best rate, forcing competition among carriers for your LTL business.

Freight Tracking

A TMS makes it a breeze to track freight that’s on it’s way and provide customers with alerts related to any delays. Even though the weather and human error cannot be controlled, a TMS can help avoid unwanted surprises.

Powerful Insights

An robust TMS can provide detailed insights and reports. For instance, if a shipper oversees the shipping process for 50 different shipments, a TMS can make it easier for them to track these shipments and open their eyes to any discrepancies that may be present.

By partnering with a 3PL who uses TMS, you can save money, improve customer satisfaction, gain valuable insights into your operations so you can make strategic changes and grow your business.

Contact Amware to Learn More About 3PL TMS

Amware’s TMS is Amrate, a custom-built proprietary web-based 3PL software platform that will not only find the lowest cost carrier for your freight shipping needs, but will also consolidate all of your freight quoting.

The Amrate platform is a proven leader in LTL Freight Management Software and provides:

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  • Customized Reporting
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  • Claims Resolution

With Amrate, you are guaranteed to lower your annual freight expense. Our clients save, on average, nearly 30% on their annual LTL shipping spend.

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