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Understanding the Different Types of 3PL’s

February 25, 2020
5 min read
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A basic understanding of the different types of 3PL companies can help you decide. 3PL services are offered by third-party logistics providers, like Amware, that manage transportation logistics needs such as warehousing, transportation/freight management, and shipping for their clients.

  • Transportation Based 3PL Services include and go beyond transportation to offer a comprehensive menu of services, and may be leveraged by the assets of other firms
  • With Shipper/Management Based 3PL Services, shipping processes are managed, from start to finish, via technology with transportation management systems; freight management streamlines claims, payment and accounting processes
  • Warehouse and Distribution Based 3PL Services are offered by companies that may specialize in one or both areas
  • Acting as agents for their clients, Forwarder Based 3PL Services companies locate other 3PL companies and arrange for the various services offered
  • Financial Based 3PL Services companies offer freight payment, auditing and accounting, as well as technology for comprehensive inventory management
  • Information Based 3PL Services include B2B, online markets for logistics and transportation services

How Can Amware Help You Realize The Best Cost Savings?

By focusing on efficiency. Amware’s public warehousing options offer client’s the space they need to house their products. With additional pick-and-pack services, products can be assembled and packed for final delivery directly from the warehouse.

When it comes to shipping, Amware offers both LTL and FTL options. For Less Than Truckload (LTL), Amware offers both free quotes and the opportunity to generate LTL quotes via Amrate, its premier cloud-based freight quoting software platform. Amrate identifies the lowest cost carrier for your freight shipments and can consolidate all of your freight quotes, providing everything from shipment tracking and tracing, freight bill audit and payment, and customized reports to real-time carrier management and claims resolution.

Shipments that are large enough to fill an entire truck—known as Full Truckload (FTL)—can contain items with specific requirements such as insurance and equipment, and there are carriers that specialize in particular industries. With Amware, you can be assured that your specific freight types are transported directly from point A to point B by the right carriers.

Integrated Services In A Strategic Location

Amware’s modern Cleveland facilities are within a day’s drive of more than 80% of the U.S. population and are located minutes from an international airport. Amware warehouses also accommodate both indoor and outdoor rail service.

For a quote on warehousing or shipping, contact us today. For a FREE trial of Amrate, click below and try it for yourself. Use your own carrier rates or our rates!

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