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How Purchasing Managers are Wasting Time and Money on LTL Shipping

April 27, 2017
5 min read
Less Than Truckload
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When it comes to choosing an LTL carrier, you have a lot of options to choose from. But the option you choose should make your life easy, save you money, and work with the systems you already have in place. If you’re not getting technology and support that makes LTL shipping easy, you could be losing money and wasting a ton of time.

What Happens When You Request a Bid for LTL Shipping

If you’re like many purchasing agents, you’re very busy and you often wear several hats. That means that when you send out a Request for Bid, you expect that your job will be relatively simple. You’ll get back a bunch of proposals and you’ll choose the one with the lowest price. But is that the best option for your business?

The fact is that choosing the right company for the job should be about more than just cost. Here are a few other things you may want to think about while you’re reviewing those bids:

The Cost of Convenience

As you choose the right LTL shipping carrier, consider the other factors in play aside from cost. Does the LTL carrier offer any software? While most do, few integrate with the systems you already have in place. If the software does integrate, great, but now you’re tied to a single carrier for all of your LTL shipments. Rates in the LTL world fluctuate all the time. Are you going to put out a request for bid to several carriers every time you’re shipping? While it’s possible, it’s a poor use of time and resources.

Working with a 3PL may make a ton of sense. A 3PL can provide shipping rates for several carriers, not just one. 3PL companies like Amware offer the same type of software the carriers provide, but instead of one rate, you’re receiving several rates from which to choose. Amware’s software can easily integrate with the ERP or shipping software platform you already have. This makes your job easy because you’ll be working with a wholly integrative platform.

Dedicated Support Staff

With technology, things go wrong. But Amware offers a full dedicated I.T. team to help you integrate the LTL software (Amrate) with your existing logistics, ERP, shipping, and/or accounting software. This will mean that there’s no extra work on your part. It also means that if something goes wrong, our team will be there to help you figure out a solution that works for you.

Integrative Technology is a Key Factor for Scalability & Profitability

If you want  to partner with a 3PL company that can grow with your business, then you should consider choosing a tech-savvy company. At Amware, we offer an integrative software solution and a dedicated I.T. team to help you put it all together.

Amware’s Amrate software works with the technology you already have to make it easy for your shipping manager to find the most affordable rate in an instant, track the progress of each shipment, and keep all of the financial information in one place. Integrating your current logistics, ERP, shipping, and/or accounting software with Amrate is an easy and affordable solution to your regular LTL struggles.

Sign up for a 30-Day FREE trial of Amrate below and see for yourself how easy getting LTL quotes can be:

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