Full Truckload (FTL)

As an asset-based 3PL, we understand the trucking industry.

It’s how we’re able to offer our FTL clients:


  • The Ability to Choose From over 45,000 Carriers
  • Dispatch Teams 
  • Outstanding Service Levels
  • The Ability and Know-How to Manage Complicated Freight
  • Experienced Team Members 
  • Spot Rates

Not all 3PL’s are equipped to handle all freight.

Various freight types may require unique equipment and paperwork, including specific insurance. We offer clients expertise and peace of mind, ensuring your FTL freight is being shipped by the right carrier, specifically suited to your freight type.

    The Amware FTL team can move a wide variety of freight for your business, including:

      Consumer Goods



      Dry Goods

      Perishable Items

      Now Offering Partial Truckload Shipping!

      Partial truckload is a new service offering for those clients in-between LTL and FTL.

        Sometimes referred to as “Volume LTL,” partial truckload shipments are well suited for:

        • Shipments of 6 or more pallets
        • Freight shipments in excess of 5,000 pounds 
        • Light, bulky freight

        Unlike other shipping modes, partial truckload doesn’t require freight class. This eliminates some fees and because your freight is still occupying a good portion of the trailer, the truck will make fewer stops en route to your freight’s final destination. 

        Clients shipping partial truckload can typically save 25-35% over traditional FTL costs.  

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