Warehouse Site Selection – What to Consider

by | Feb 11, 2019 | Warehousing

When it comes to site selection for warehousing, there’s much more to consider than where the physical building sits. In fact, there are consultants out there who make their living helping business select sites for their warehousing and logistics operations.

Depending on the complexity of your business, you may or may not need a logistics consultant. There are, however, several considerations you should make before selecting a site for your warehousing needs.

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Considerations for Warehouse Site Selection

Location is key as it is in any real estate rental or purchase but determining the location of a warehouse goes well beyond its proximity to your business’ headquarters. As you look for a warehouse site, consider the following:

Goods to be Stored – If the goods you plan on warehousing include hazardous/flammable materials, food items, or frozen items, your warehouse will need to be equipped to handle these items.

Labor and Services – Will the warehouse you choose be able to offer additional labor or packing and assembly services? Consider a warehouse which offers these options. By having your product assembled ad shipped from the warehouse, you’ll likely save time and money as you’ll reduce or eliminate the need to have parts shipped to your offices, assembled, then shipped to the warehouse.

Clients – Choosing a warehouse in close proximity to a majority of your clients will save shipping cost and allow for speedier delivery.

Transportation Options – Can your warehouse offer shipping and delivery options? If so, you may save by consolidating services, increasing your overall discount on the transportation logistics component of your logistics supply chain.

Also, when looking at transportation, consider the warehouse in proximity to roads, highways, airports, and rail lines.

Design – Look at docks: size and accessibility to the dock doors and ramps, number of ramps, and security of dock doors. Consider the physical security and access requirements for the warehouse.

When looking for your ideal warehouse site, take the above points into consideration and try to find one that offers the best of everything. At the very least, though, look for a warehouse that can offer both storage and transportation options.

Amware – A 3PL Situated For Savings

As a 3PL with over 20-years of warehousing and shipping experience, Amware knows transportation logistics and how to effectively store and move customer products.

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About Dan Ramella

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